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LOKER OLX, Lowongan Kerja PT Ulima Nitra Palembang - Indonesia

PT Ulima Nitra

PT. ULIMA NITRA is a company limited which founded on date 25 August 1992 based on deed establishment No. 74 which later amended by deed  change No. 8 date 2 January 1998, which both made in front Notary Heniwati Ridwan, SH, Notary in Palembang which has ratified by  Minister Justice RI, with letter decree No. C2-2811.HT.01.01. TH 93 date 5 May 1993 and C2-5.876 HT.01.04.TH 98  date 4 June 1998. Deed establishment company that hereinafter amended by deed No. 119 date 29 September 2001. Which made in before Notary  which same and has ratified by Minister Judgment RI No. C-1035 HT.01.04.TH.2002 date 30 May 2002.

Field business which first to be engaged in by PT. UN are leasing equipment heavy to PT. Mining Coal Bukit Asam (Persero) which is company mine  coal which located in region Cape Enim, Sumatra South.

Information Additional Company

  • Size Company : 1001 - 2000 workers
  • Industry : Mining
  • Allowance and Miscellaneous : Insurance health, Time regular, Monday - Friday, Formal (example: Shirt  Tie)


  • Insurance health
  • Bonus Reward

Job Description : 

  • Create auditing standards, procedures, and reports
  • Prepare and determine auditing schedules
  • Create an auditing budget
  • Providing solutions to Auditing problems that occur in the field
  • Carry out financial and operational audits at all levels to ensure that all systems and procedures both administrative, financial, HR and operational run in accordance with SOPs.
  • Evaluate SOPs in relation to the development of circumstances in the field. Membe
  • provide briefings & recommendations to the Auditee, especially in the fields of operations, finance, HR and other activities, if you find irregularities that are not in accordance with the SOP.
  • Make audit reports and recommendations for examinations that have been carried out to the President Director
  • Conduct regular checks on all Sites

Information Additional

  • Level Job : Supervisor/Coordinator
  • Qualification : Bachelor (S1)
  • Experience Work 4 years
  • Type Job : Contract
  • Specialization Job : Accounting / Finance, Audit & Tax



  • PT Ulima Nitra never ever collect cost whatever in process recruitment.
  • PT Ulima Nitra never ever worked collaborating with travel agent / bureau travel certain in process recruitment.
  • If you are asked to pay amount money in form payment ticket airplane and hotel or accommodation other in regardless.
  • Don't give your personal data or financial data to anyone.
  • If need clarification more further can direct contact PT Ulima Nitra

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